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Introduction to Small Business Loans for Women

The process of obtaining business loans has been difficult for women-owned companies. It is because women tend to have fewer advantages when they start their businesses than men. This includes an excellent credit rating, a large net worth and financial support by others.

According to the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), over 9 million people are employed by the 11.6 million women owned businesses in the United States. The bias of the business finance industry against women business owners is threatening the economy at this rate.

Thanks to companies like Blue Tree Financing, we can access many online lenders that offer different types of small-business loans for women. Women entrepreneurs no longer have to be held back by the disadvantages listed above. They can now get the small business funding they need to achieve their full potential.

What are small business loans for women?

Blue Tree Financing understands the statistics. Women entrepreneurs face greater challenges in obtaining business loans. There is no one type of small business loan that’s made for women. Our commitment to fight against the typical lending policies that discriminate against women gives them an equal opportunity at the best small business loans.

Women-owned businesses have a difficult time obtaining credit for their business. Study after study shows that women have more difficulty getting the funding they need to run their business than men.

How do small business loans for women work?

This concept has as its central purpose to provide women entrepreneurs with access to small business financing. Prior to this, women entrepreneurs with low personal credit scores or operating capital couldn’t access the best products for their needs. No matter how successful their small business was, it didn’t really matter.

Blue Tree Financing doesn’t operate that way. Our network of online lending is more willing to accept some limitations in order to level the playing fields. Women often begin small businesses with lower working capital than their male counterparts. Women entrepreneurs have less funding from outside and personal sources. It can affect their credit score and ability to grow. Women’s financing options look at the root causes of these problems rather than just focusing on numbers. Our network of lenders can provide women with the borrowing amounts, rates and terms they need, regardless of their credit scores, bank balances or annual revenues.

The following options are available for small business loans to women:

Borrowers may be able to access funding of up to $10 million over a period of ten years.

Recent Reports and Statistics on Women-Owned Business

Access to capital remains one of most significant barriers to women launching, growing, and scaling a business. Source: National Women’s Business Council

Women typically invest $75,000.00 in their businesses. This is about half of the average capital for men-owned businesses. Source: National Women’s Business Council

Women own 21% of small-employer businesses in the United States. Source: Small Business Credit Survey

Women-owned businesses have grown by 21% between 2014 and 2019. Women-owned businesses grew twice as fast, at 43%. Source : American Express The 2019 State of Women Owned Businesses Report.

What are the advantages of small business loans for women?

Women small business owners who are struggling to access financing will benefit most from a loan for their business.

Poor or Little Credit History

In the past, women have not been favored by the credit system. Did you know women could not apply for their own credit score until 1974. Although we’ve made great strides since 1974, the system still has a ways to go. Women’s minimum credit scores are about 20 points lower than their male counterparts. Some banks require a near-perfect credit score for their loans. This hurts women entrepreneurs.

No Collateral

Men tend to start their business with their own money, which women are able to invest less money in their businesses as a whole. Owners of banks often believe that personal funding equals more commitment to a company. Therefore, they are more likely to grant business loans to people who invest more money themselves. They do not consider the reasons, such as financial discrimination or family care. A woman may be forced to spend money in other places.

Industry or Niche

In the last place on this list, women are more likely than men to start a business in sectors that are perceived as low-growth or risky. Examples include retail and hospitality. Blue Tree Financing lenders, on the other hand, do not follow industry stereotypes and will not deny an application because it isn’t “safe” or “trendy”.

We will overlook these disadvantages if your business is performing well and offer you the loan amount and rate that makes the most sense. The performance and cash flow are the main criteria that will determine the product you get, regardless of your business background or training. Small business loans for women are best suited to small business owners with thriving businesses but who face conventional disadvantages.

What Are the Disadvantages Of Small Business Loans for Women?

We would love to offer the best possible small business loans to every business owner who works hard. Borrowers with good credit scores, a strong cash flow and many years of experience in business will receive the most favorable products. Your interest rates and payment may be higher until you meet these criteria.

We can’t give everyone what they want, even though we offer higher amounts of borrowing, lower rates and longer terms. The business loan may not solve all your problems but it can help you overcome the most important obstacles in the way of growth. You will be much closer to getting a second loan that has better terms if you pay back your first loan.


How to Apply for Women-Owned Businesses Loans

Our application can be completed within minutes if you have all the necessary documentation. Depending on the product you choose, your funds could be in your account within 24 to 48 hours. How to apply:

Your Business Loan Gets Set Up – Now What?

It’s not just about getting financing for your company. This is a great opportunity to build (or improve) your credit.

Make all payments in full and on time, regardless of what business loan is given to you. Keep your credit balance below the limit if you have a credit line for business or any other form of revolving.

Your credit score will improve if you consistently pay your business financing on time. This will give you access to better rates and terms the next time you need business funding.

What if I am Declined for a Loan to a Woman-Owned Business?

In this case, we might recommend alternative tools for financing your business. In this situation, we may recommend other tools to finance your business, such as a business card, or even a personal loan. Personal loans and credit cards are easier to qualify than business loans. Blue Tree Financing can help you to explore your options, and guide you towards the best choices.

Business Grants for Women: An Alternative to Borrowing Money

There are other options for funding a women-owned business. Women can get grants from non-profits or other organizations geared toward women.

A grant is similar to a term loan. It gives you an amount of money in one lump sum. Grants are usually not repaid. You can use a grant in addition to business credit for your business to grow faster.


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